Bikes on Buses and Trolleys

Bikes are allowed on MTS vehicles free of charge, but space is limited. All MTS bus routes can accommodate two bicycles. Please note that MTS is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles.


On the Bus

Every MTS bus has a bike rack capable of handling a maximum of two bikes with standard bike tires. Bikes are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and are not permitted inside the bus*. Passengers wishing to transport bikes must alert the operator before loading or unloading the bike.

To load, stand the bike in the rack and secure it with the retaining bar. The retaining bar shall fit snugly over the tire, not the frame of the bike. You can load or unload your bike at any stop where it is feasible and safe to do so. The following outlines some key tips and rules to consider when transporting your bike on an MTS bus.



• Arrive at the stop a few minutes early and wait on the sidewalk.

• Remove all loose items not attached to your bike (i.e. bags on handle bars, helmets, lights, etc.) and take them with you onto the bus.

• Locking your bike to the bus rack is not allowed. For extra security, lock your wheel to the frame before the bus arrives.

• Wait for the next bus if the bike rack is full.

• You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle. Wait until bus is fully stopped before loading your bike. Always approach the bus from the sidewalk.

• Just before your stop, alert the bus operator that you will be getting your bike from the rack and exit through the front door.


      • Any bicycle over 55 pounds is not permitted on the bus bike rack.

      • Bikes with a wheel sizes from 20 inches to 29 inches are permitted.

          - Childrens’ bikes are permitted as long as they meet the tire dimensions

            listed above.

      • Tandem and recumbent bicycles are not permitted.

      • Gas-powered bikes are not permitted.

      • Electric bikes with sealed gel, lithium Ion or NiCad batteries are permitted. Electric bikes with liquid lead acid batteries are not permitted. Lithium Ion or NiCad Electric bike batteries may be carried onto the bus if they cannot be secured to the bike or if securing the battery to the bike causes the bike to exceed the 55 pound weight limit.

    • *Bikes are only allowed inside the bus under the follwing circumstance:

    • The Bike is a folding bike. Folding bikes with 20 inch or smaller wheels can be taken on board the bus, but must be folded and stored under a seat so as not to block aisles and doorways. Motorized folding bikes are not permitted on the bus.

    • The bike rack is full and it is the last trip of the evening and/or the frequency of service is greater than 60 minutes (rural bus routes exempt).


On the Trolley

One bike is allowed on board per Trolley car during peak hours, and two bikes are allowed on board each Trolley car at other times. Board your bike through the first or last door of the car. If the maximum number of bikes is already on board, go to another car or wait for the next Trolley. Stand with your bike during the entire trip, holding your bike securely in place.


Bike Lockers

Some Trolley stations feature bike lockers to allow you to leave your bike in a secure location while you work. To sign up for a bike locker, visit the iCommute Bike to Work page.


NCTD Bike Information
For information about taking a bike aboard North County Transit System services (COASTER, SPRINTER, & BREEZE), see the NCTD Bike & Ride page.



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