Bikes on Buses and Trolleys

Bikes are allowed on MTS vehicles free of charge, but space is limited. All MTS bus routes can accommodate bicycles. Please note that MTS is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles.


On the Bus

The rack at the front of MTS buses can hold up to two bikes. Alert the operator before you load or unload your bike. To load, stand the bike in the rack and secure it with the retaining bar. You can load or unload your bike at any stop where it is feasible and safe.


On the Trolley

One bike is allowed on board per Trolley car during peak hours, and two bikes are allowed on board each Trolley car at other times. Board your bike through the first or last door of the car. If the maximum number of bikes is already on board, go to another car or wait for the next Trolley. Stand with your bike during the entire trip, holding your bike securely in place.


Bike Lockers

Some Trolley stations feature bike lockers to allow you to leave your bike in a secure location while you work. To sign up for a bike locker, visit the iCommute Bike to Work page.


NCTD Bike Information

For information about taking a bike aboard North County Transit System services (COASTER, SPRINTER, & BREEZE), see the NCTD Bike & Ride page.



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