Is this your first trip with MTS? We want your ride to be easy and convenient! Here are some tips on getting started with San Diego’s transit system. 

Find Your Way

Enjoy the Ride

  • Plan to arrive at the bus or Trolley stop a few minutes before the time listed on the schedule.  
  • Trolley: tap your Compass Card on a validator or purchase a pass at the ticket vending machine.
  • When you see the bus or trolley coming, stand at the stop so the operator can see you and confirm the signs on the front and side show the correct line or route number. 
  • Bus: pay your fare or tap your Compass Card in the designated area. 
  • Sit anywhere you’d like or stand holding one of the available bars or handholds. Please reserve the seats and spaces marked for senior and disabled riders. If you need to stand on the bus, please move toward the back to keep the aisle as clear as possible for other passengers. 
  • Trolleys stop at all scheduled stations. On the bus, pull down the red cord by the windows to request the next stop. Operators announce major stops along most routes. Please exit through the rear door of the bus. 

How to Use Your Compass Card