Joint Development Program

The Metropolitan Transit Systems (MTS) joint development program is designed to secure the most suitable private and/or public sector development on MTS owned and non-owned property that are located on and/or adjacent to transit stations and corridors.  MTS has increased its portfolio of joint development projects with various developers with the intent of integrating transportation facilities into existing and proposed developments to meet community needs, promote and enhance public transportation, maximize the recovery of public capital costs and increase the return on public investment, and enhance the protection of the transportation corridors and its environs.  MTS has been successful in its joint development program because it has capitalized on a wide range of opportunities while maintaining long-term goals.


For questions regarding joint development projects or joint development opportunity information, please contact Tim Allison @ 619-595-4903

Timothy E. Allison, P.E.
Manager of Real Estate Assets
1255 Imperial Avenue, Ste. 1000
San Diego, CA 92101-7490

For questions regarding leases or lease opportunity information, please contact Pierre Saladin @ 619-557-4520

Pierre Saladin
Assistant Right of Way Agent
1255 Imperial Avenue, Ste. 1000
San Diego, CA 92101-7490



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