Wheelchair Access

San Diego Trolley
All Trolleys have lift mechanisms or ramps to assist customers in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments to board. The international symbol of accessibility is located on the platforms of each Trolley station to let you know where the lift will be when the Trolley stops.


  • Position your wheelchair at the blue International Symbol of Accessibility located on the station platform. In downtown San Diego, be sure you are boarding the correct trolley for your destination.
  • When the trolley comes to a stop, the operator will line up the front door directly with you — you don’t need to do a thing.
  • The trolley operator will deploy a van-type lift that folds outward, so position your chair so the lift can be properly operated.
  • On our newer low-floor cars, a ramp can be activated at any of the middle doors (2 per car) by pressing one of the blue buttons with the wheelchair symbol.  If the door is already open, it will need to close to allow the ramp to deploy. 
  • Wheel your chair onto the lift, or have your “Helper” do it. If your wheelchair is equipped with brakes, set them. If not, use the motor or your hands to hold onto your wheelchair securely while you’re on the lift.
  • The trolley operator will activate the lift and provide assistance if requested, bringing you and your wheelchair up to floor level in the trolley.
  • Move your wheelchair into the area directly behind the trolley operator’s cabin. If there is more than one wheelchair, or if you must have your chair in a more secure location, ask the operator to position your chair in the area opposite the lift doorway.
  • Lock your brakes. If you don’t have any, use the motor or your hands to hold your chair in place.
  • Show the trolley fare inspector your I.D. and pass, transfer or trolley ticket when requested to do so.
To leave the trolley, simply follow the boarding instructions in reverse order.
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The wheelchair lifts are strong and dependable. Each lift has a network of safety systems that will automatically lock the brakes on the trolley or the bus to prevent the vehicle from moving when the lift is in use.
If a mechanical problem should occur while you’re on the lift, please stay calm. Don’t move. And keep your wheelchair secure. The operator or a supervisor will quickly come to assist you by manually operating the lift.
One call to 233-3004 (TTY/TDD for persons with hearing impairments: 234-5005), the Regional Transit Telephone Information line, will put you in touch with a variety of information, including which bus or trolley to take to get where you’re going, and the frequency of lift service along specific routes. You can also request brochures about transit services, timetables and other information to be mailed to you.
Transit Information is a very busy place. So try to call the day before you have to travel to be sure you get the information you need in time.
If you know your route and bus or trolley stop, call 24- hour InfoExpress at 685-4900 for schedule and fare information via touch-tone phone.


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