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Employers Win!

  • Enhance your benefits package, easily and inexpensively. Mass transit is an attractive and useful company benefit.
  • Save money by reducing the number of parking lot spaces purchased each month.
  • Your customers have more available parking, when your employees commute using transit.
  • Improve productivity. Employees who take transit arrive at work on time, relaxed, and ready to work.
  • Reduce absenteeism and tardiness due to car problems and traffic delays.
  • San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) network provides reliable, scheduled service.
  • Give your employees a benefit they can use outside of work on nights and weekends!
  • Learn more about financial benefits for employers at iCommute.

Employees Win!

  • Employees save money when they leave their cars at home and take transit.
  • Employees who use transit to commute may qualify for lower car insurance rates.
  • Employees will feel appreciated when they receive a tax-free benefit that’s easy to use and increases their overall benefit plan.
  • Employees who take transit avoid the hassles and stress of driving on our highways. Instead, they could use the extra time to relax or complete work.
  • As concern for San Diego’s air quality grows, taking transit is a great way for employees to contribute to the community and feel good about their company’s support for a cleanser and healthier environment. Employees who take transit or vanpool can become a member of the Clean Air Club and get more benefits.

Employer Discount!

Employers who make transit their newest benefit may be eligible for a discount when participating in our ECO Pass program!

This program is for businesses with 25 or more employees who purchase Bus and Trolley monthly passes and would be interested in switching to an annual prepaid contract to save money.

The ECO Pass Program offers monthly passes according to a tiered-discount structure, which is based on the annual volume of passes used.

ECO PASS Program Pricing
Annual Quantity Average Monthly Users Month Discount
1. 300 to 1,200 passes/ year 25 - 100 10%
2. 1,212 to 4,800 passes/year 101 - 400 20%
3. 4,812 and above passes/year 401 plus 25%

The standard $72.00 pre-discounted Monthly Pass is valid on all regular Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) buses and the San Diego Trolley. This pass is also valid toward a portion of the fare on MTS Premium Commuter bus service and the Coaster, plus a small upgrade charge. As well as providing easy commuting alternatives, employees can use the pass in the evenings, and on holidays and weekends, to get wherever they need to go.

Three-Month ECO Pass Pilot Program

As an introduction to acquaint employees with transit, we offer a three-month pilot ECO Pass Program that enables employers to get a better idea of employee participation numbers before entering into a 12-month program. In addition, our independent research company could survey a sample group of employees within your company to further explore employee transportation needs.

To begin your pilot program, or for more information, call (619) 231-1466 and ask for the ECO Pass Program.



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