Rules for Riding

• Trained service animals accompanying persons with disabilities are always welcome on board.

• If you take your pet (any non-service animal) on the bus or Trolley, it must be fully contained inside an enclosed carrier which you are able to transport by yourself and which you can hold on your lap. Non-service animals must be kept under the control of their handler at all times. Noise or odor may give cause for refusal to transport the animal.

• Eating and smoking are not allowed on buses or Trolleys. You may consume beverages if the beverage is contained in a spill-proof or screw-top container or bottle.

• Use earphones, and respect other riders by setting the volume for your ears only.

• Don't vandalize. Vandalism is a crime and will be punished with a fine or jail sentence.

• Please report vandalism. You will remain anonymous.

• The priority seats at the front of every bus and next to most Trolley doors are for seniors and disabled riders.

• You're welcome to carry belongings as long as they're small enough to fit on your lap or at your feet. Don't block aisles or take over the seat beside you.

• Please take a seat promptly once you've paid your fare. If there are no seats available, please hold the handrails provided for your safety.

• You can bring the following items on board: boogie boards and surfboards under 6' long, collapsible fishing poles, collapsible bicycles, wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers and small shopping carts that do not exceed 30" tall, 18" wide, and 18" deep (not including handle and/or wheels). View the MTS Cart, Stroller, and Cargo Policy, effective March 1, 2012.

• You may NOT bring firearms on any bus or Trolley.

• Always have your valid fare in hand before you board the Trolley.

• Don't attempt to jump between Trolley cars or cross tracks in front of the Trolley.

Safety and Security Tips

The safety and security of our passengers are top priorities at MTS, and we're proud of our record of providing a safe and secure environment for passengers.

To make your trip even safer, we'd like to emphasize several important safety tips to use while riding public transportation:

• Be aware of your surroundings and always be alert for anyone suspicious nearby or activity that causes concern for your safety.

• Keep your valuables secure and always hold your backpack, purse or other possessions in your lap or other secure location to prevent easy access by others.

• Cell phones and iPods are increasingly popular and thefts of these devices are on the rise nationally and in our region. While using these devices, be discreet and aware of other people who may be interested in your phone or iPod.

• If you are a victim of a crime, or see a crime taking place, call 911 or MTS Security at 619-595-4960. You can also alert the bus operator, call the train operator on the Trolley intercom, or notify other MTS employees with your information.

We value you as a customer and we want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip. If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 619-557-4555 or fill out the customer service form.


MTS Cart, Stroller, and Cargo Policy
- Effective March 1, 2012




Rules Applicable to All Transit Vehicles (Buses and Trolley)

  1. Drivers and/or MTS Security personnel will have the discretionary authority to determine if a personal utility cart (cart) or stroller is too big to be transported and if freight is too big or dangerous to be transported. Riders are limited to two small carry-on bags/items that can be reasonably carried on their laps when seated and/or stowed safely under, or in front of, their seats. Large bags of recycled cans are not allowed on transit vehicles any time. Carts, strollers, or other utility devices will not be allowed if they:

    a. Exceed 30" tall, 18" wide, and 18" deep (not including handle and/or wheels)
    b. Cannot easily/quickly negotiate vehicle door entrances and turns for any reason
    c. Contain loads that exceed the height and designated capacity of the carrying device
    d. Include items that are wet, leaking, or considered hazardous for any reason

  2. Riders are also limited only to items that can be boarded in a single trip onto the vehicle without assistance from another person. Multiple trips to load bags, carts, strollers, or cargo are not allowed. Loads that require multiple people to maneuver bags, carts, strollers, or cargo on/off the vehicle are also not allowed.

  3. Passengers must stay with their carts, strollers, or cargo during the entire trip and hold onto their belongings firmly. Items will only be allowed to be placed on the front wheel well of a bus if the passenger sits adjacent to the item and has a firm grasp on it for the duration of the trip. Multiple items will not be allowed to be stacked in these areas.

  4. The interior area near any door shall always be free of carts, strollers, cargo, or other items, as this area is considered a main emergency exit. Loading items through the rear door of a bus, due to the front being full, is not permitted. Bus drivers and/or MTS Security personnel shall ask riders in the front to move further back to make room for these riders to board through the front door only.

  5. While operating a walker, cart, or other device, bags and other items must remain in control of the rider at all times. The amount of cargo carried or attached to these devices is limited to what the rider can place securely on his/her lap when seated and must not create a scenario where the device exceeds the maximum cart dimensions above. Packages must be removed and placed on the riders lap if blocking the aisles and/or if requested by the driver. Items or devices allowed on the vehicle should be of such a size and nature that moving them to another area of the vehicle would continue compliance with this policy.

    Rules Applicable to Buses Only

  6. No more than three (3) different riders with carts, strollers, or other cargo will be allowed on the buses at one time. Riders with carts, strollers, and cargo trying to board when the bus is already at capacity will be required to wait for the next scheduled bus.

  7. Riders with carts, strollers, or other cargo should sit in designated "cart/stroller" seating areas when available on vehicles and when space is available. Bus drivers and/or MTS Security personnel shall request that these riders move to the designated cart/stroller areas, if they are seated in the senior/disabled (SID) section of the vehicles, in order to make room for wheelchair and other SID riders.

  8. Passengers with strollers must remove the child and collapse the stroller once on board the vehicle. Strollers and empty carts should be properly folded and stored as to not impede the free movement of passengers or the driver in the aisle, doors, or emergency exits and must not present a potential hazard to or danger to riders. If a cart with packages cannot be folded, it must also be stored in a way that meets the same requirements above. It is recommended that parents or guardians of children removed from strollers stay seated with the child in their laps as it may not be safe to be standing.


Route 992 (Airport Shuttle) is exempt from the size and quantity limitations in these Rules because the Airport Shuttle is designed to handle large amounts of luggage and packages.


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