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You can now use the text messaging feature on your cell phone to find out what time your bus or trolley will arrive. And for many routes, it's real-time!  It's easy:

1. Find the stop number for your stop.

2. Text the stop number to GOMTS (46687).

3. Receive next-arrival times on your cell phone!

Message and Data Rates May Apply


Can't text to short codes? Text to 619-632-5827 instead.

For help, text HELP to GOMTS (46687).

To opt-out of alerts, text STOP ALL to GOMTS (46687).


How to text for next-arrival times | Understanding the results |

How to find your stop number
| Frequently asked questions |

See the SMS Terms & Conditions

  How to text for next-arrival times

Text your stop number to GOMTS (46687). In this example, the stop number is 99343:   Shortly afterward, you'll receive a text message with next-arrival times for that stop:



If your stop is served by more than one route, you can limit the results to a specific route by sending the stop number and the route number (separated by a space):   ... and you'll receive a text message with next-arrival times for only the route you specified:


Download the printable GO! info card for a handy on-the-go reference!


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  Understanding the results


The text message you receive from GO! will give you the next arrival times for your stop. Results are listed in chronological order, beginning with the first arrival.


Text What it means
This is a real-time arrival. We know where the bus is and can predict its actual arrival time. Times without this symbol are scheduled times.
The time the bus or trolley will arrive at your stop.
7 to Dwtn
The route number/line and destination of the bus or trolley.



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  How to find your stop number


There are many ways to find your stop number.

On sdmts.com (in list format)

MTS Buses

• Click on a bus route number to access its schedule page.

• Look for the green GO! button and the words "Stop Numbers."

• There is a separate stop number list for each direction in which the route travels.

• A new window will open, listing all the stop numbers for the route and direction you selected.

MTS Trolleys
For Trolleys, there is a list of stop numbers for each line on the Trolley scheduling page.


On sdmts.com (on a map)

• Click on a bus route number to access its schedule page.

• Click on a timetable link.

• Zoom in on the map at the top of the page until you see a red circle indicating your bus stop.

• Click on the red circle.
• An information box will pop up—the stop number is labeled "Stop ID."

On Google Maps

• Find the location of your stop on Google Maps.

• Zoom in until you see a blue bus stop icon:

• Click on the bus stop icon.

• An information box will pop up—look for the stop number in gray ("Stop ID")*.

*Google Maps will sometimes combine multiple stops on the map into one bus stop icon. In this case, the stop number will not be shown.


On bus stop signs**

• Look for the stop number in the bottom left corner of the bus stop sign.

**This feature is available at most bus stops.


On bus pole schedule displays

• Look for the stop number ("STOP ID") in the bottom left corner of the schedule display.


From Telephone Information

• Call 619-233-3004 and an information specialist will help you get your stop number.

• Please note that Telephone Information is available only during these hours:

Weekdays: 5:30 am–8:30 pm
Weekends: 7 am–7pm
Holidays: 8 am–5 pm

Use the printable GO! info card for quick access to your favorite stop numbers.


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  Frequently asked questions


How much does this service cost?


MTS doesn't charge you anything for the GO! service. However, you may have to pay for the text messages that you send and receive based on the texting and data rates for your cell phone plan. Check your plan details to stay aware of any charges you may incur.


What is the difference between real-time and scheduled time?

Real-time information is based on the vehicle's actual location. We know where the vehicle is and can predict when it will arrive at your stop. Some MTS vehicles are not equipped with global positioning technology, and we can only tell you when the vehicle is scheduled to arrive. Scheduled information is the same information that is printed in timetables.

How do I know which results are real-time and which are scheduled times?


Real-time arrivals are indicated by a # symbol in the text GO! sends you. Real-time information is currently available for these bus routes: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 20, 30, 31, 41, 44, 50, 105, 110, 120, 150, 201, 202, 204, 215, 235, 237, 280, and 290. Times for trolley lines and all other bus routes are scheduled arrivals.

My route is supposed to have real-time arrival information, but GO! is giving me scheduled arrival information for a certain trip. Why?


There are several reasons why real-time information may not be available: The vehicle has not yet started on the specified trip, the vehicle’s location systems are malfunctioning, or the vehicle is on detour. When this happens, GO! will provide scheduled arrival information.

The text said the bus would come at a certain time, but it came at a different time.  Why?

GO! will tell you the time the bus is predicted to arrive at the time you sent the text message.  The closer the time the bus is supposed to arrive, the more accurate the predictions will be.  The bus may make up time or lose time since you sent your original text. 

In addition, if you are at a stop that's not at a timepoint, the time GO! tells you is estimated.  We always recommend arriving a few minutes before the predicted time to ensure you catch your bus.

I'm not receiving any messages from the GO! service. Why?


GO! works with most cell phone providers through a short code (46687). However, some providers don't allow texting to a short code or you may have texting to short codes blocked on your cell phone plan to prevent services which charge for texting. We know that the following companies might not work with the short code: Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, and Tracfone.

We have set up a regular phone number which provides the same information as our short code and will allow those who can't text to short codes to have access to GO! Please send your text to 619-632-5827.

Can you please provide the Terms and Conditions for using SMS Texting?

Sure, please see our full SMS Terms and Conditions.

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