What positions are you hiring?

Please check out our Employment page for a current listing of openings.

How do I apply?

We use an online application found in our Career Center. You will need to create a profile on our system using an email address to apply.

How do I get and submit a driving record?

Some positions require that you submit a copy of your DMV driving record (H-6). You can get this printout from any DMV office and you can email, mail or fax it to us at:

Email: jobs@sdmts.com  Subject: H-6

Fax: 619.230.6715, or

Address: Metropolitan Transit System
1255 Imperial Avenue, Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92101
Attn: Human Resources Department

How can I check on the status of my application?

If you submitted your application online through our Career Center you will receive an email notifying you once it has been received.  You may also view the positions you have applied for by logging into the Career Center and viewing "My Submittals."

Where can I access a public computer?

San Diego Public Library Information 

Local Career Centers 

Once I create an online profile and submit my application online, will a Human Resources Representative meet with me to review it?

A Human Resources representative will only contact you if you are selected for testing or an interview.

How long before I hear from MTS after submitting an application for employment?

In most instances, each application submittal will be acknowledged; however, it may take several weeks for a response depending on the volume of responses received.

How will I be notified by MTS?

Most communications are done by email.  If selected to interview or testing, you may be contacted by telephone, email and/or mail. 

How long will you be accepting applications?

Applications are generally accepted until the position is filled; see the specific job posting for more information.

Do you hire the people that clean the Trolleys?

No, they are hired through our contractor, NMS Management, Inc. (619.425.0440).

Who hires for security positions for MTS?

MTS hires the Code Compliance Inspectors for Trolley and Bus. Transit System security guards are hired through Universal Protection Services (619.275.7000).

How do I make a request for a reasonable accommodation?

MTS complies with all applicable laws regarding employment, including those protecting individuals with disabilities.  We encourage applicants who wish to request reasonable accommodations(s) for any part of the application or hiring process to contact us through any of the following methods:

Email: jobs@sdmts.com  Subject: Reasonable Accommodations

Phone: 619.557.4598

Mail: Metropolitan Transit System

         1255 Imperial Avenue, Suite 1000
         San Diego, CA 92101
         Attn: Manager of Human Resources

How do I contact MTS regarding general employment inquiries?

Email: jobs@sdmts.com

Phone: 619.557.4598