Get Movin' & Groovin' with MTS!

MTS is taking you on a musical transit journey!

MTS has joined forces with local bands Buck-O-Nine, Vokab Kompany, The KneeHighs, Todo Mundo, and we are MTNS to create fun and informative songs about public transportation. The musical genres of the songs range from reggae, soul-influenced hip-hop, ska, and punk/metal.

Through collaboration with Big Fish recording studio and Mantooth Studios, the songs were recorded and brought to life with animation. Each song has its own unique message and sound, which assisted in creating a variety of different characters, scenery and story lines for each commercial.

The goal of each song is to use the universal language of music to get you “Movin’ & Groovin’” to the tune of MTS, to inspire you to take a ride on public transit, and to learn how to make your trip on the bus and Trolley easy.

When you turn on your TV or turn the dial to JACK 100.7FM, ENERGY 103.7FM and KPRI 102.1FM, you may catch the “Ride the Bus,” “Tap & Ride,” “Trolley with You,” “Toca y Viaja” (Tap & Ride) or “Play it Safe” song.


Listen to the songs below and click on

each link for behind-the-scenes

footage, band bios, lyrics and more!

Ride the Bus – Buck-O-Nine

Tap & Ride – The KneeHighs

Trolley with You – we are MTNS

Toca y Viaja – Todo Mundo

Play it Safe – Vokab Kompany





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