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Date: September 1, 2008


Contact: Rob Schupp




Trolley gets New Flat Fare
New Senior/Disabled/Medicare Fares
Sorrento Valley Coaster Connection introduces $1 fare

San Diego, CA – Starting on September 1, 2008, MTS Trolley riders will pay a flat $2.50 to travel to any station on the Blue, Orange or Green Lines.

The new, one-way fare allows the rider to transfer from one trolley line to another, but may not be used to transfer to a bus route. This fare replaces the Zone fare that was based on the number of stations traveled. All riders with the Senior/Disabled/Military (S/D/M) approved identification are eligible for the reduced Trolley fare of $1.25 (formally $1.00). For travel within Downtown San Diego Trolley stations, the one-way fare will be $1.25 and the new S/D/M fare will be $0.60.

All Trolley one-way tickets are valid for two-hours from the time purchased. Riders must keep their ticket with them during the entire trip and show it to the Fare Inspector if asked. Riders wishing to make round-trips or transfer to bus routes can purchase the $5.00 Day Pass. The Day Pass allows an unlimited number of trips on a single day and unlimited transfers between the Trolley, most MTS Bus Routes and BREEZE bus routes in North County. The Trolley fare changes were approved by SANDAG to improve passenger understanding about the fares and make purchasing a trolley ticket easier and quicker.

The current $1.00 S/D/M cash fare will also change for MTS Bus routes with a $2.25 fare or higher adult one-way fare.

MTS Bus Route
Adult One-Way Fare S/D/M fare effective on September 1
$2.00 (local) $1.00 (no change)
$2.25 (urban) $1.10
$2.50 (Express) $1.25
$5.00 (Premium Express) $2.50

Also on September 1st, there will be a new $1.00 fare for COASTER riders transferring to the MTS Sorrento Valley Coaster Connection (SVCC) shuttles to Sorrento Valley area businesses. The S/D/M fare will be $0.50. Monthly Passes for SVCC shuttles are $40 for Adults; $20 for Youth (to age 18) and $10 for S/D/M. The SVCC pass will be sold at The Transit Store and online and on line at the e-Store at and in North County by mail and phone order by calling 760-966-6500. The SVCC Pass is only valid on the SVCC shuttle routes and cannot be used to ride any other MTS Bus or Trolley route or the COASTER.
For more information or a personalized Bus and Trolley trip plan, visit or call (619) 233-3004.




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