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If you are cited or your pass was confiscated


Discounted fares and passes are avilable for:

  • Senior citizens (60+)
  • People with disabilities who qualify under the American's with Disablities Act (ADA)
  • Medicare recipients

Proper Identification

Riders eligible for discounted fares and passes must show proper ID to purchase and use them as required in Section 10 of the MTS Fare Ordinance.

Accepted Identification

  • A valid government issued photo ID with birthdate (for seniors)
  • Medicare card + government-issued photo ID
  • Valid MTS Senior/Disabled ID card
  • Valid NCTD Senior/Disabled ID card
  • State of California DMV Placard ID (the white placard receipt from the DMV) + government-issued photo ID
  • State of California Senior ID card
  • Photo ID Compass Card

Please note revisions to the Long Form effective 6/4/14.
See memo regarding these revisions for further information.

New Reduced Fare Photo ID Card on Compass Card!

MTS has combined its Disabled ID Card with the Compass Card Pass to allow customers eligible for reduced fares to carry just one card. Just reload your Photo ID/Compass Card every month, tap on the trolley station validator or bus fare box when boarding and you are good to go! Your Photo ID/Compass Card is all you need to show the bus driver or Trolley inspector.

To get an ID/Compass Card, complete the form that applies to you (Short Form or Long Form) and follow the instructions for mailing or dropping off. The card will replace the current MTS Senior and Disabled ID Card. In addition to serving as a reduced fare identification to allow you to purchase discounted one-way fares, it can also hold monthly and day passes.


Application Process

You can apply for your discounted fare in one of two ways:


Short Form
Long Form

The following people can fill out the MTS Application for Reduced Fare Short Form:

• People 60 years of age or older with picture ID with birth date. Acceptable forms of ID for proof of age are:

• Birth certificate
• Driver’s license
• State of California Senior ID
• Medicare card
• Immigration papers
• Passport

• People with picture ID and the following forms of identification:

• Medicare
• Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income(SSD)
• DMV Placard: proof of disabled placard or ID card issued by California Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Download/print a Short Form

Take the completed short form to The Transit Store on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to have your photograph taken and to receive your Reduced Fare Photo ID. The Transit Store is located at 102 Broadway, San Diego, 92101.

For persons with medical disabilities who do not have one of the qualifying identification cards necessary to complete the short form, a physician or a qualifying licensed health care professional must complete the Physician’s Statement of Medical Disability Eligibility portion of the application.

Download/print a Long Form

The form fully describes the qualifying disabilities and the type of licensed health care professional authorized to complete the certification.

You may return the completed application to:

Metropolitan Transit System
1255 Imperial Ave., Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92101

MTS will notify you if your application is approved with 15 working days contingent upon verification by your physician or licensed health care provider. (To be notified via e-mail, please be sure to provide an e-mail address on page 2 of the long form application.)

Once your application is approved and notice is received, go to The Transit Store on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to have your photograph taken and to receive your Reduced Fare Photo ID. The Transit Store is located at 102 Broadway, San Diego, 92101.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question as to whether your information is acceptable as verification of disability, please call MTS Information and Trip Planning Office at 619-233-3004.


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