Introducing mTicket: Trolley Passes on your Phone!


Skip the lines at the ticket vending machines and booths! Trolley day passes can be purchased instantly on your phone using the free mTicket app for select events on the day of or in advance.

MTicket is available at these upcoming events:

  • Comic-Con
  • Select Padres Home Games
  • Chargers and Aztec Games (with special mTicket express lanes for Trolley boarding!)



  How to buy an mTicket
First time buying an mTicket? Here's how easy and fast it is! (And after your first purchase, the process is even faster.)
Download the free MTS mTicket app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Open the app. To buy an mTicket, press "Buy Tickets."
Select the pass listing with the correct event date and quantity that you'd like to purchase.
Click "New card."
Enter in your credit or debit card details.
Press "Pay Now."
You'll see a screen confirming that your transaction is complete. To use the pass immediately, press "Go to Ticket."
Press "Activate" to activate your pass.
Your phone is now your ticket! Just scan the barcode when asked...
... or press "View ticket" to see the visual validation version of the ticket.


*If you purchase passes for multiple people on your phone, please note that the entire group must ride together with the holder of the mobile ticket.


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  Frequently asked questions


Where can I use mobile ticketing?

Mobile tickets are available for Chargers and Aztec games, select Padres games, and select special events around San Diego. The mTicket app has an up-to-date list of events that support mTicket.

What types of tickets can I purchase using mTicket?

One-, two-, three- and four-day Trolley passes can be purchased for mTicket-supported events. Day passes are valid for the entire service day.

Are there any additional fees for mTickets?

Trolley day passes are $5.50, a $1.50 discount when compared to the Compass Card day passes sold at ticket vending machines and event booths. If you already have a compass card, day passes can be added to your card for $5 at ticket vending machines. The mTicket app is free, but standard data and usage charges apply. Check with your mobile carrier for details.

Do I need a Compass Card to use mobile ticketing?

Nope! mTickets are a stand-alone ticketing option for special events.


Can I purchase more than one ticket on my phone for friends and family?

Yes, mTicket supports ticketing for up to five riders as long as all the riders with mobile tickets on a single device travel together.


How and when do I need to activate my mobile ticket?

The mTicket app has an activation process separate from the purchase process. You need to activate your ticket on the day of travel before you board the Trolley. Be sure to have your activated ticket ready to show code compliance officers when they ask.


What if I have technical problems with the mTicket app?

Email us anytime at or call 619-233-3004, Monday–Friday: 5:30 am–8:30 pm., Saturday-Sunday: 7 am –7 pm. Please include your application ID in all requests. You can find the application ID within the application under Help > App Info.


What happens if I lose my smartphone or buy a new smartphone?

You can transfer your tickets to a new device by emailing us at or calling 619-233-3004, Monday–Friday: 5:30 am–8:30 pm., Saturday-Sunday: 7 am–7 pm. Please include your application ID in all requests. You can find the application ID within the application under Help > App Info.

Are receipts available for my mobile ticketing purchase?

Enter your email address into the appropriate field when you purchase a ticket for an emailed receipt. If you donít receive it, email us at and we will resend it.

When do mobile tickets expire?

Mobile tickets expire at the end of their valid service day. When they expire they will automatically move to the history tab in the "My Tickets" menu.

Will my mobile ticket still work if I lose reception while trying to use my mobile ticket?

Mobile tickets donít need phone service to display or activate, but you will need service to purchase them.


What happens if my battery dies before I show my mobile ticket?

You are responsible for keeping your smartphone charged while riding with a mobile ticket. All riders must be able to show proof of fare to ride. If your smartphone is not working you must pay cash fare or you will be subject to a citation.

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