San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Public Records Act Requests

The California Public Records Act requires that certain public records that pertain to MTS business be disclosed upon request to a member of the public. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) responds to public records requests in accordance with the California Public Records Act (Cal. Gov. Code §7920, et seq.).  Certain records may be exempt from disclosure.  Each request will be evaluated individually.

Please be as specific as possible when requesting records (i.e.; report type; video footage – type, date, times, locations, descriptions, incident, etc.;).  

For video footage requests, contact MTS as SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The cameras will record over (the time frame is dependent upon the system and is typically 2 to 4 weeks) in the normal course of business if footage was not already marked and saved.  If MTS staff has not already been made aware of an incident, please contact us right away. A summary of our Video Systems Procedures can be found here.

All requests to review Form 700 can be made here.

Public records requests may be submitted by the following:

  • Online Request: Fill out the form below
  • E-mail requests to:
  • Mail requests to:   
    1255 Imperial Avenue Suite 1000
    San Diego CA 92101
  • Visit The Transit Store at:
    1255 Imperial Avenue (First Floor), San Diego, CA 92101
    Phone: 619.234.1060

Any fees associated with the production of records will be requested in advance.  Payments that are accepted for records include checks, money orders, or cash (electronic payments are not available).

Additional contact information is being provided regarding other types of requests:

Online Records Request Form

Preferred Contact Method
Is this PRONTO card registered?
Whose PRONTO card is this?
Have you been in contact with any other MTS staff or department regarding this request?
Type of Records Requested
In order for MTS to find the records requested, please provide as much information as possible including:
Train Car Consist