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MTS operates fixed route bus and light rail trolley services transporting people with physical, cognitive, and visual disabilities on a daily basis. All MTS buses and trolleys are equipped with features that provide system accessibility, such as low floor easy to board buses and trolleys equipped with lifts/ramps, audio announcements, designated priority seating areas for people with disabilities, enhanced signage, kneeling buses, and hand rails. 

MTS also provides a paratransit operation, MTS Access. Access is for customers with disabilities who are functionally unable to use the MTS fixed route bus and trolley services. 

What does MTS Access Paratransit service provide?

  • MTS Access is provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is an origin to destination, shared ride, advanced reservation public transit service. Consistent with the ADA, MTS Access is comparable to MTS’s fixed route bus system including in terms of service characteristics (such as on time performance and travel time) and service area (providing service within ¾ mile of a regular MTS fixed bus route).
    • Example: If the bus route closest to you does not run on the weekends, MTS Access would not be available to you on the weekends, just as a passenger on a fixed route bus would not be able to ride the fixed route bus if it did not operate on the weekend.
  • MTS Access is divided into 4 zones. You may be required to transfer to another vehicle for transportation between zones, just as a regular rider would have to make occasional transfers.
    • Example: If you are traveling from Poway (Zone 2) to La Jolla (Zone 1), you would board one MTS Access vehicle in Poway, transfer to another vehicle in Miramar and complete your trip on the second vehicle.
  • MTS Access operates within an ADA service area. Pickup and drop-off locations for MTS Access must be within our service area.
  • Our service area is designed to complement the fixed bus and Trolley routes and times. The ADA service area and hours may contract or expand as we make service changes to our fixed route bus and trolley operations. 


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