MTS Security

MTS Security is available 24/7 by text or phone. If you see something suspicious, contact security or notify a bus or Trolley operator.

Call or Text 619.595.4960

We want you to have a safe and secure ride. Our security team's top priority is keeping you, our community, and our employees safe. MTS passenger safety measures include:

  • Increased staffing presence: In 2017, we implemented a security staffing plan to allow for greater coverage on the Trolley system. Train teams travel between 3 - 5 stations to cover the entire system throughout all service hours. Additionally, we have security team members stationed at some of our highest trafficked stations. In 2021, we launched a new Bus Enforcement Special Team to provide extra security assistance to bus operators and passengers.
  • Improved Security Practices and Training: For the past several years, MTS has been making changes to its security policies and practices, to ensure our operations are in line with best in practice policies. Recent measures include increased training for internal and contract security staff, updated our use of force policy, conducted an outside audit, using more visible and customer friendly uniforms, and more. 
  • Security cameras: Cameras are installed on all MTS bus and trolley vehicles, at all Trolley stations, and officers are issued body worn cameras for use in the field. Our dispatch team has access to station security cameras at all times, and is able to use them to actively monitor a developing incident and also to document and investigate crimes and other incidents on MTS properties. A detailed summary of our video systems can be found here.
  • You: Our passengers are essential to keeping a secure transit system, which is why we urge you to contact security if you witness something suspicious.

Suspicious behavior can include:

  • Someone appearing nervous
  • Someone taking pictures or video of areas with no apparent public interest
  • Someone attempting to access off-limits areas
  • Anyone setting a package or bag down and leaving
  • A package or bag that is unattended
  • A package or bag with lumps, bulges, protrusions or visible wires, tanks, or bottles
  • A package or bag giving off vapors or odors

As part of the Operation Life Saver program, MTS security officers are available to go to your school, organization, or community club to give presentations on rider safety and best practices while riding transit. To request a presentation email Sgt. Miguel Gonzalez at