Juvenile Diversion Program

We offer an optional program for some first-time juvenile offenders who are cited for select violations on our buses or Trolleys.

The Juvenile Fare Diversion program allows parents or guardians of cited juveniles to pay a reduced fine in order to resolve their citation. If a juvenile is eligible for the program, a yellow program notice will be distributed with the Notice to Appear.

If you wish to participate:

  1. Pay MTS $25 within 120 days of the Notice to Appear issue date
  2. Mail a check or money order, payable to “MTS”, to:
    MTS Juvenile Diversion Program
    Transit Enforcement Department
    1255 Imperial Avenue, Suite 1000
    San Diego, CA  92101
  3. Include the yellow copy of the Juvenile Diversion program notice with your updated email or mailing address.

We must receive your payment and yellow copy of the program notice on or before the 120th calendar day after the Notice to Appear was issued in order to resolve the citation.  We will send a receipt of payment and notice of settlement within 10 business days to the address provided on the Notice to Appear or the updated email or mailing address provided on the Yellow Copy of the Notice.