Fraud Reporting

MTS has established a hotline for reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. The purpose of the hotline is to provide a way for employees and others to report improper activities. To report an improper activity, you may call (619) 744-5920 and leave a message or complete and submit the form below. You may remain anonymous, although leaving your contact information will enable us to follow up on your complaint if we need to obtain more detail or seek clarification. Complaints are reviewed and evaluated by the MTS Office of General Counsel. Depending on the allegations in the complaint and the evidence provided, complaints are either forwarded to an appropriate party or investigated by the MTS Office of General Counsel. Complaints lacking any support are dismissed.

Examples of activities that should be reported to the hotline are unauthorized use of MTS equipment: soliciting vendors for gifts, personal use of MTS vehicles, and any theft.

MTS employees can also report their concerns to their supervisors or to the Human Resources Department. Harassment should be reported to the Human Resources Department.

Complaints about Bus or Trolley service should be reported to Customer Service at (619) 557-4555.

Fraud Reporting Form


Are you an MTS Employee?
Since we do not initiate formal investigations without adequate cause, we require evidence to corroborate the allegations in the complaint. Please provide the names and contact information for any eyewitnesses, documents, and other relevant information.
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