Fair Tripper

Summer Starts at the 2024 San Diego County Fair

“Let's Go Retro!” with MTS, NCTD and the San Diego County Fair. This year's fair will give our yesteryears another moment in the San Diego sun. With a Fair Tripper ticket you can get discounted admission that includes a ride on transit - the ultimate 2 for 1 deal!

The Fair runs from Wednesday, June 12 through Sunday, July 7 and the Fair is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Palm Trees

Fair Tripper

Fair Tripper tickets include a round trip ride on the MTS Trolley with a transfer to NCTD COASTER to the Solana Beach Station, and entry to the San Diego County Fair for a reduced fee. There’s a free shuttle that runs from the Solana Beach Station to the Del Mar Fairgrounds exclusively for transit riders with the Fair Tripper ticket.

Tickets are available for day of use sale only on the PRONTO app and MTS or NCTD ticket vending machines located at Trolley and COASTER stations (no advanced sales).

Fair Tripper Pricing

Weekday (Wed | Thurs)
Adult SDM Youth
$16 $13 $13
Weekend (Fri | Sat | Sun)
Adult SDM Youth
$20 $17 $17

How to Get Fair Tripper

You can purchase Fair Tripper on your PRONTO app or at MTS Trolley ticket machines or NCTD COASTER ticket machines. Here’s how: 

Purchasing Your Fair Tripper Ticket

If you have a PRONTO Physical Card or purchasing through a ticket machine:

  • You cannot load the Fair Tripper pass onto a physical PRONTO card – you will receive a paper ticket.
  • Use a ticket machine to purchase your paper ticket. On ticket machines, it will display as "Regional Fair Tripper" under the “Promotional Passes” button on the main screen.
  • Please keep your ticket with you for the day and present the paper ticket to the Fair when you arrive. You will need this same ticket for your return trip.
  • Be sure to purchase the ticket on the same day that you are going to the fair - it’s only good for the day that you buy it!

If you have a PRONTO Virtual Card / App:

  • Purchase your Fair Tripper pass on the PRONTO app. Be sure to purchase the ticket on the same day that you are going to the fair - it’s only good for the day that you buy it!
  • When adding a new pass for Fair Tripper on your PRONTO app, select "NCTD" as the agency and then "Adult Regional Fair Tripper" (or "Youth" or "SDM").
  • Use your PRONTO app to scan before boarding the Trolley, before boarding the COASTER, and when deboarding the COASTER. You will show your barcode under the Use tab at the gates for your fair admission.

Getting on Board

  1. Park & Ride at one of our Trolley Stations and then take the UC San Diego Blue Line or Green Line to Santa Fe Depot or Old Town. Be sure to scan or tap before you board the Trolley.
  2. Transfer to the COASTER and get off at the Solana Beach station. Be sure to scan on and scan off at the COASTER station!
  3. Take the Free Fair Shuttle to the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  4. Enter the fair and have fun!
  5. If you have a paper ticket, keep it for your return trip or tap or scan your pass on your app.

Fair Tripper FAQs

Where do I buy my Fair Tripper?

You can either buy it at an MTS ticket vending machine on the Trolley platform or on the PRONTO app.

Can I store multiple Fair Trippers on my app?

Unfortunately no. Each person needs to have their own Fair Tripper on the app, or you can purchase paper tickets at Trolley stations.

How long is a Fair Tripper valid for?

A Fair Tripper is valid for the entire MTS service day. It is only valid the day of purchase.

Will MTS inspect my Fair Tripper ticket? 

MTS Security officers provide random inspections on Trolleys. Keep your Fair Tripper paper ticket handy for inspection. Or have your PRONTO app available with the Fair Tripper activated for a quick inspection.

How do I get to the Fair on MTS services?

UC San Diego Blue Line and Green Line Trolley 
Take the Trolley to Santa Fe Depot or Old Town Transit Center via the UC San Diego Blue Line or Green Line.

Orange Line Trolley 
Take the Trolley to the Courthouse Station in downtown San Diego. Walk two blocks west to Santa Fe Depot.

From there, take the COASTER train north to the Solana Beach COASTER Station. The Fair will have shuttles running throughout the day from the train station to the Fair's entrance. MTS also has employees dedicated to helping you plan your trip. Please contact MTS information & Trip Planning office at (619) 233-3004. 

How do I use the Free Fair Shuttle?

Free Fair shuttles are available for Fair Trippers between the Solana Beach COASTER Station and the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Shuttles will run continuously and should arrive approximately every 30 minutes. Fair shuttles are ADA accessible. Please show your shuttle driver the Fair Tripper prior to boarding.

I lost my Fair Tripper! What do I do?

Unfortunately Fair Tripper tickets are non-refundable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Schedules and Real-Time Information

Check the Trolley schedule here:

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Check the schedules for the COASTER and get real-time updates:

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