It takes a village to clean a transit system with 250,000 daily riders. But we know that having a clean ride is important. So keeping our vehicles and stations as clean as possible is a round-the-clock job. We deploy more than 200 professional cleaners to clean buses, Trolleys, and stations throughout the system every day. Here at MTS we take pride in keeping our vehicles and stations in tip top shape, so you can feel comfortable on our system.  

Tech-Savvy Trash Cans

This summer, we will install 50 new, upgraded, tech-savvy trash cans at stations in downtown San Diego to keep our stations cleaner and our cleaning operation moving quicker. Bonus! We will be using some grant funds recently received to install an additional 100 smart trash cans (yes! 100!) along the UC San Diego Blue Line between E Street and the border.

Big Belly Trash Cans

Cleaner Vehicles

Now, every night, every single bus and Trolley in the MTS fleet is deep cleaned by professional cleaning crews. If you ride first thing in the morning, you can still take in the clean Trolley or bus smell! But, vehicles get dirty. That’s why each Trolley is serviced at the end of the line. This means food wrappers, jackets, bags and any other items left behind are picked up by our cleaning teams throughout the day.

Cleaning Crew

Sanitizing Stations

One to two times per week, each station is deep cleaned. This means pressure washing, gum scraping, and even detailing the trash cans. In downtown San Diego, we're making sure the stations get extra attention to keep them clean and prevent trash from piling up.

Cleaning Crew

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