More frequent, longer spans, overnight service. These are a few of the improvements we’ve heard that you want. And we plan to deliver. We’ll be on the fast track to making some enhancements to our bus and Trolley service very soon.   Look for many of these enhancements to happen in June and September. 

What’s in store for 2024 –

Welcome Back Service

Due to a bus driver shortage a few years ago we had to reduce the level of service by 10%. Thankfully, we are getting things back on track. In June and September we will restore many of those reductions. For example, Routes 1, 11, 35, 43, 815, and 932 will all return to a 15-minute weekday frequency, and Saturday service will return on Route 944. Welcome back service...we missed you! 

Electric Buses

Owl Service

Soon MTS will join the ranks of owls and other nocturnal animals with overnight bus service between downtown and San Ysidro. The early plan is to have this rolled out in September, operating in both directions from 11pm to 4am, seven days a week.

Owl Service

Stretching the Hour

We know many of people who ride transit don’t work just from 8am to 5pm. To help people who work early in the morning and late at night, we will be increasing the span of service on many popular routes – giving you more options to take transit late at night and on weekends.

Electric Buses

Bring on the Buses....and Trolleys!

Today we have approximately 750 buses and 165 Trolleys all serving 10 different cities in San Diego, but these vehicles are steadily evolving to meet your needs.

We're not just dipping our toes in the waters of near-zero and zero emissions; we're diving in headfirst. Our near-zero emissions fleet of Compressed Natural Gas and propane-powered buses continues to be replaced with brand new vehicles. While we keep our current fleet in good condition, now we are embarking on a path to 100% zero-emissions (electric and hydrogen fuel) buses by 2040.

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Better Buses

The first stop on that path was on Oct. 15, 2023, when we launched Rapid 227 and added 12 60-foot electric buses - the first of its kind in our fleet - to keep you moving, in a cleaner and greener way.

Electric Buses

Better Trolleys

But hold your applause because our Trolley fleet is also stepping up its game. In 2023 we received 71 brand new 5000 series Trolley cars, with 20 more on the way in 2024. These 5000 series are a culmination of what we have learned over the years to provide all our riders with a comfortable and safe ride.

5000 Series Trolley

Better Fleets

Out with the old, in with the new! MTS is in the process of replacing 74 buses in 2024 with more clean-fuel vehicles. Here’s what’s in store in 2024:

  • 24 propane powered eco-friendly mini-buses due in Spring 2024
  • 5 60ft Compressed Natural Gas-powered buses due in Fall 2024
  • 7 propane powered eco-friendly paratransit buses due in Fall 2024
  • 38 40ft Compressed Natural Gas powered buses due in Winter 2024
  • 20 more Low Floor S700 LRVs (5000 series) to be delivered twice a month until the end of 2024

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Coming Soon

In early 2025 we will get 13 electric buses – another huge step in our conversation to an zero emissions bus fleet by 2040.

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