In a recent survey, the number one issue for our riders is feeling unsafe and wanting more security officers. We hear you and your safety is our top priority. Our Security team has a ton of improvements in store for 2024.

Faster Response

Have concerns during your ride? Call or Text us. We have ONE number to use for contacting our Security team for help. We also have an updated system behind the scenes which allows our security officers to respond quicker. Bonus! You can send in photos or video, too.

Transit Enforcement



Better Coverage

We’re adding more Security Officers! Feeling safe can immediately be improved with a stronger presence of security officers throughout our system. We’re adding 34 more Code Compliance Inspector (CCIs) over the next few months. This will boost the total number of Officers patrolling our system from 56 to 90 – a 60% increase!

Officers Hired - Current Progress

Better Visibility

Increasing security “train teams” on Trolley lines from 5-6 teams per shift to 8-10 teams per shift. This will help increase visibility of security officers on all three Trolley lines.

Safer Visibility

More Patrols on Buses

Doubling the Bus Enforcement security team to help extend security presence further than major transit centers and Trolley lines.

Bus Team

Better Presence Without Visibility

Doubling the number of officers on the plain-clothes security team to increase the security patrols even when uniformed officers are not visible.

Plain Clothes Security Team

Offering a Helping Hand

Boosting the Homeless Outreach team coverage to seven-days-a-week to better help those in need of social services.

Helping Hand

Expanding Coverage

Adding and staffing security outposts at busy transit centers like San Ysidro, 12th & Imperial and El Cajon so officers spend more time on the system and less time traveling to/from headquarters.

Helping Hand

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