Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

MTS has conducted onboard biannual customer satisfaction surveys for more than a decade (approximately every other year since 2011). Following the COVID-19 pandemic, MTS was eager to re-engage riders to assess the current state of rider satisfaction on the system (the most recent survey was conducted in late 2019).

In April 2022, MTS Consultant Redhill Group conducted onboard surveys of more than 1,800 MTS passengers. Surveys were administered in English and Spanish, and were also available in Chinese and Tagalog. Participants could take the survey themselves via an online link, or with a surveyor in person.

The survey gauged customer satisfaction on a range of topics, including:

  • Service levels
  • Safety
  • Fares
  • And more

The findings from the Customer Satisfaction Survey were presented to the MTS Board of Directors on September 15, 2022.

The full board presentation is available for review below, but here are some high-level takeaways:

  • Overall customer satisfaction scored at 91%! MTS bus riders had slightly higher overall satisfaction than Trolley riders (94% bus vs. 90% rail).
  • People love PRONTO. PRONTO satisfaction was also high, at 92%. People especially like the option to use stored value, and the reintroduction of free transfers. Satisfaction with fares jumped dramatically since the last survey (from 73% to 89%).
  • Areas for additional review and an improved customer experience: The survey also found a few areas where riders reported lower than normal satisfaction, including safety and cleanliness, as well as more late and weekend service.

View the full presentation here