MTS Board Approves $243 Million Capital Budget for Transit Improvements

Funding will be used to grow electric bus fleet to advance transition to an all-zero emissions bus fleet by 2040
This is the largest CIP budget in the agency’s history

San Diego – The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Board of Directors today unanimously approved a $243.3 million capital improvement program budget for Fiscal Year 2025. This is the largest annual capital improvement program budget in the agency's history.

“Prioritizing this capital investment in our transit agency will help increase ridership and keep San Diego’s transit system in good working condition with modern amenities and well-maintained vehicles,” said Stephen Whitburn, MTS Chair and San Diego City Councilmember, District 3. “This is the largest capital improvement program in agency history, and it speaks to our growth and the commitment our region has for transit.”

As part of the agency’s $243.3 million Capital Improvement Program budget, 78% will help maintain bus and rail systems in good condition, followed by facility and construction, rail infrastructure improvements, and other major initiatives. In total, 64 projects will be funded by the Capital Improvement Project. Top funding allocations include:

  • $69.5 million – Rail infrastructure improvements and maintenance.  
  • $58.3 million – 38 new buses including 10 battery-electric and 28 compressed natural gas.  
  • $38.8 million – Overhead charging infrastructure at each existing division to support conversion to an all-electric bus fleet.  
  • $21 million – 22 new Trolley vehicles. Funding will be added to the $71.7 million previously funded to replace aging vehicles in the fleet.  
  • $21.3 million – Trolley and bus facilities maintenance and construction, and construction projects for passenger facilities at transit centers.

The full list of projects can be viewed on the Board of Directors agenda packet (Item 20, p. 254).

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