Possible First Transit Work Stoppage for MTS Minibus and Access Service

Trolley service and vast majority of bus service will be unaffected and will operate according to schedule

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San Diego – First Transit, which operates minibus and Access service on behalf of MTS, is in contract negotiations with its bus operators. While both parties are hopeful that an agreement will be made soon, a work stoppage is possible as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

While the vast majority of MTS passengers will not be impacted by a work stoppage, passengers who use MTS Access or ride select MTS minibus routes should plan ahead and make alternate transportation plans.

MTS Access is the agency’s advanced reservation paratransit transit service for qualified individuals with physical, cognitive and visual disabilities. MTS minibuses operate on 18 fixed routes serving approximately 3,000 of the 120,000 daily passenger trips taken on the MTS bus system.

The following minibus routes may have limited or no service starting April 25: 14, 18, 25, 83, 84, 832 (weekends only), 833, 838, 944, 945/945a, 964, 965, 972, 973, 974, 978, 979 and 985. Passengers can contact MTS Information & Trip Planning for trip planning assistance at 619-233-3004, or use the online trip planner at sdmts.com/trip-planner.

MTS Access riders can contact at 888-517-9627 or visit sdmts.com/work-stoppage for recommended alternative transportation options.

This potential service disruption is due to contract negotiations between MTS’s minibus and Access service operator, First Transit, and its bus operators. Therefore, MTS is not a party to the negotiations and does not have information on details. First Transit is actively negotiating with the Teamsters 542 and remains hopeful to come to an amicable resolution soon with minimal disruption to the riding public. For press or media inquiries related to the agreement or negotiations, contact First Transit/Transdev at Mitun.Seguin@transdev.com or 301-674-3733.

MTS will update the public as more information is received, but urges the public to plan ahead for this potential disruption. Both MTS Trolley service and the vast majority of fixed-route bus service will be unaffected and will operate according to schedule. MTS will notify the public immediately and update schedules via social media and at sdmts.com/work-stoppage.

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