Born This Way: MTS Driver Raises $50,000 for Autism Awareness

Bus Driver Vee Meadows

Bus riders might know driver Vee Meadows for his contagious laugh, his warm greetings or his hat covered with transit pins. What riders may not know, is that Vee’s compassion and charisma recently propelled him to the top of a national competition to raise money for the Autism Society of America. 

The National Child Awareness Month Talent Challenge (hosted by the Festival of Children Foundation) asked people to post videos to to raise money for their favorite children’s charity. The video with the most views, likes and shares at the end of the challenge would win $50,000 for their charity of choice. Celebrities like Tony Hawk, Mario Lopez and Marie Osmond entered the challenge, but no one could touch Vee’s submission, which received more than 850,000 points. 

Vee’s song and music video, Born This Way, was produced to bring awareness to the challenges faced by children with autism and their families. Inspired by hearing stories from some of his fellow drivers whose children had autism, Vee used his musical background (he’s been rapping since he was 14), to help communicate a message, as written in the song’s chorus: “Stop judging I was born this way. I want you to accept me now, I was born this way.”

What does Vee hope people who hear the song will remember? A + A = A. 

Autism + Awareness = Acceptance. 

Since the big win, Vee has performed at various Autism Society benefits and shows across the country to help share his message of acceptance for people with autism. Way to go Vee!

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