MTS Trolley Operator Profile: Meet Ameshia Dunham

Trolley Operator Ameshia Dunham

“Enjoy the ride. There are many places to see in San Diego along the Trolley line.”

-Trolley Operator Ameshia Dunham

While she’s only been on the job for 10 months as a part-time operator, the transportation industry is nothing new for Trolley Operator Ameshia Dunham. Prior to joining MTS, Ameshia was a semi-truck driver for two years, hauling goods all over the country. Her favorite place? “I liked Virginia. It’s covered with tall green trees and has a very pretty countryside. When you’ve driven all over the country, you see a lot of empty space. Virginia is just the opposite.”

When it comes to operating the Trolley, safety is always first. “Like any job, it can be stressful at times, but I try to block it out and let my training do the work.” The Idaho native has been living in San Diego for the last 13 years. Ameshia is a downtown San Diego resident and her rationale for relocating to San Diego from Idaho is pretty common in this part of the world. “The weather! And to go to college,” she added.

Best Local Adventure:

“San Diego has great hiking. Mt. Woodson is my favorite, but Cowles Mountain is a close second.”

Insider Tip:

“Ask us questions – MTS security officers, ambassadors or operators. It doesn’t matter. We are more than happy to help and it’s always a good feeling when you can help someone get where they need to go.”

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