Clean Water Starts with Clean Stations

Protect San Diego

As we gear up for Earth Day activities, we want riders to know that our commitment to a cleaner San Diego extends beyond the transit services we offer. Our teams are doing their part year-round to help keep San Diego waters clean too.

The MTS storm water quality program reduces pollution sources such as trash and sediment by cleaning bus shelters and Trolley stations every evening to prevent trash and sediment from entering drains. MTS maintenance crews are hard at work after most riders have gone home, busy sweeping platforms and collecting trash in and around waste bins.

Passengers and visitors can assist MTS in protecting our local creeks and ocean with a few simple acts:

  • Use the trash bin to discard all litter, including food wrappings and food waste and cigarettes
  • Recycle plastic bottles and cans
  • If you see a station or platform that has an overflowing trash/recycling receptacle, notify customer service (619-557-4555) or alert us on social media (@sdmts).

If not addressed, pollutants such as trash are carried with rainwater runoff directly to nearby waterways such as the San Diego River, Chollas Creek, San Diego Bay and San Diego’s 72 miles of coastline. Pollutants in storm water can harm San Diego’s waterways when they flow from a storm drain into the water environment used by recreational users, aquatic wildlife such as birds and fish, as well as the invertebrates, shellfish and plankton that they feed on.

Join MTS to help ‘Protect Every Drop’ and keep San Diego’s waterways clean and healthy for all. Remember, clean water starts with clean stations.

Learn more about the MTS storm water quality program.

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