Mid-Coast Trolley Construction

Trolley tracks

In August, the MTS Marketing Department took a behind-the-scenes tour of construction progress for the Mid-Coast Trolley extension. The region’s largest-ever transit project is over 50% through the construction process, and is slated for a summer/fall 2021 launch. 

Each day, there are about 250 men and women working to make the nine-station project come to life. It will take more than five years from groundbreaking to service launch, due to the massive scope of the 11-mile project. Much of the route will be elevated above ground (there are six bridges), and the tracks will cross the I-5 in two places.

When complete, Mid-Coast will offer riders a one-seat ride from the US-Mexico border to La Jolla on the UC San Diego Blue Line. The trip is expected to be competitive with car times during rush hour traffic. A trip from UCSD to Old Town will be about 20 minutes, 30 minutes to downtown, and hour to Chula Vista and 70 minutes for the full length of the trip from end-to-end.


Trolley construction over the San Diego River
Trolley construction near the I-5 and Route 52 Intersections
Future site of the VA Hospital stop

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