Coming This Fall: Quiet. Clean. Electric.

MTS riders, and San Diego Country residents, will soon start seeing a new look on some MTS buses. Think: green. Electric green.

That’s right, MTS will quite literally go green when electric buses roll out this fall. However, it’s not just a new look that riders can expect. In addition to running with zero emissions, the electric vehicles will also run with less noise than a standard bus, about 10db quieter.

In San Diego County, more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. While MTS currently operates ones one of the cleanest fleets in the nation, these electric buses will further help us in our commitment to green technology.  

The six New Flyer buses will be the first zero-emission buses in the MTS fleet, and will give the agency the opportunity to test out how efficiently they run in a variety of operating conditions.  The efficiency of electric buses varies depending on a number of factors including outside temperature, speed, topography and the driving habits of bus operators.

While the buses are in service, MTS will get real-time data to analyze exactly how efficiently the bus is operating. The goal is to test the new electric vehicles on as many routes as possible during the 18-month pilot. 

Starting in early November, the buses will run some introductory testing, and operators will train on the new vehicles before they go into service. Buses are expected to launch for full service in late November 2019. 

If you see a new electric bus out and about (or you get to ride one), snap a photo, tag MTS on social media (@sdmts) and let us know what you think!


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