Meet the New, BLUE, MTS

MTS is Going BLUE

Get ready to ditch the red and embrace the blue because our iconic red Trolleys are undergoing a dramatic color change!

Starting April 1, 2024, we’ll roll out the newest blue Trolleys. Instead of seeing red, trains will undergo a paint scheme change to align with our new brand.

Why are you making this change?

There are several reasons we’re undertaking this effort. One: We’re a San Diego brand, and want MTS to reflect that San Diego spirit – blue skies, blue oceans.

Secondly, our UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley is our highest ridership route in the system, and has some of the highest light rail ridership in the entire nation. (We hope the Orange and Green Lines’ feelings don’t get hurt with this change, please don’t tell them.)

Will there also be orange and green Trolleys to match the other lines?

No, we'll be sticking to blue for the new brand color.

How can I see the new blue Trolleys?

The rollout will take some time. When it comes to painting the new vehicles, we can get through 4/1 week. With 100+ cars in the fleet, it will take months!

MTS Blue Trolleys are here!

I don’t like this change. What can I do?

Don’t be blue! Before you start ditching all your red MTS gear, have no fear because we’re just joking. Happy April Fool’s Day!

But we’re not joking when we tell you that MTS is going to be introducing a new Midnight (Blue) Owl Express Bus Service that will run along the UC San Diego Blue Line from San Ysidro to Downtown San Diego. While still in planning stages, the new bus service will operate overnight when the Trolleys are unable to (due to track restrictions from freight trains). The new service is tentatively planned to launch in September, but in order to make that deadline, we need riders to tell us: what stops would you like to see on this new Owl Express Service?

We’d love to have your feedback, provide your input on the service here before April 15: English / Español

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