Now Better Transit

Let’s get right to the point. We want to tell you how we’re improving your transit experience NOW.

Not how we made it better two years ago. Or what is happening in five years. We are focused on the now.

There are so many ways we're making your ride better...where do we begin? Little things like hiring artists to create murals at transit centers. And big things like adding new state-of-the-art Trolleys and buses.

But check this out...drum roll...the State of California is providing MTS with extra money to jump start efforts to improve your experience, make our system even better and attract more riders. More people riding transit means less air pollution, less traffic and more smiling faces.

Positive changes to your MTS experience are happening now.

We're not really strangers, are we?

A few interesting MTS facts ⤵

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Your safety is our top priority. See what we're doing to address all safety and security concerns.

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We're cleaning up our act! Cleaner vehicles and cleaner stations - find out what we're up to.

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No one wants to waste their time. We're improving the efficiency of your ride.

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We're innovating to make your transit experience smarter.

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Bus stops, signs, lights, onboard comfort - we're thinking of everything to improve your ride.

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