Filming and Photography

­­­Personal Use

Transit passengers are allowed to engage in hand-held still photography or film for their own personal use and enjoyment as long as all other rules, policies and ordinances are being followed.  For instance: prohibitions against loitering and requiring proof of fare in all fare paid zones are still applicable while transit passengers engage in photography or film for personal use.  

Commercial Filming, Photography and Sound Recording

A Right of Entry Permit is required for any commercial project that generates an electronic media, film or video production for television or movies.  

News Gathering Activities

We make every effort to accommodate news gathering activities. Restrictions on news gathering activities are implemented only to ensure the safety of the public and the media, to maintain order and to ensure uninterrupted transit service.  We will not allow any news gathering activities that are unsafe or will interfere with operations. 

  • News media crews not covering breaking news but shooting human interest, staged events, scheduled press conferences, or other topics are required to obtain prior approval from our Marketing Department before proceeding with filming.
  • News media crews covering breaking news (an event that cannot be covered at any other time or location and the immediacy of the event does not allow for obtaining prior approval) are subject to reasonable restrictions and conditions, such as MTS staff and transit security monitoring or directing the activities to ensure safety.