Terms and Conditions

Standard Contractual Provisions for Purchase Orders and Federally Funded Procurements

In accordance with MTS policy, vendors accepting MTS, SDTI, and SDTC purchase orders agree to comply with the terms and conditions as set forth in this document. In addition, vendors filling an order in whole or in part agree to comply with the applicable federal provisions.

Standard Procurement/Service/Construction Agreement including the Standard Conditions

In accordance with MTS policy, vendors shall comply with the terms and conditions as set forth in these documents. Below are the types of MTS agreements:

In accordance with MTS policy and compliance with the federal regulations, the Standard Federal Requirements apply to purchase orders, contracts and procurements funded in whole or in part with federal funds.

Contracts in Excess of $100,000 Federal Requirements

Procurements that are in excess of $100,000 and federally funded must adhere to the Standard Federal Requirements below for Procurements in excess of $100,000.

Storm Water Management

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Questions concerning the General Terms and Conditions/Standard Agreement/Federal Requirements should be directed to the MTS General Counsel, at (619) 557-4512 or generalcounsel@sdmts.com.

In order to do business with MTS, you must comply with all the applicable contractual Terms and Conditions.