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Give your employees the gift of a cleaner commute! Offering employees transit passes is good for you, good for your employees, and good for the environment.

PRONTO Partners Plus Pass Program

PRONTO Partners Plus

Employers are offered a special discounted rate for pre-purchasing an annual number of monthly passes and providing them to employees as a benefit. Your business could be eligible for tax benefits and savings on parking costs. Transit-friendly policies can also increase your hiring pool, as younger more diverse workers are increasingly looking for more flexible and economical modes of transportation.

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The Regional $72 and $100 Premium PRONTO Month Passes are eligible for PRONTO Partners Plus Pass discounts.

Passes per year

Average Monthly Users

Monthly Discount

Passes per year: 300-1200 Average Monthly Users: 25-100 Monthly Discount 10%
Passes per year: 1212-4800 Average Monthly Users: 101-400 Monthly Discount 20%
Passes per year: 4812+ Average Monthly Users: 401+ Monthly Discount 25%

Pilot Program

Interested in joining PRONTO Partners Plus but aren’t sure of your employee interest? We offer a 3-month pilot program to help you find out if PRONTO Partners Plus will work for your company.

PRONTO Partners Program

Our other employer program allows for convenient distribution of PRONTO passes on a monthly basis (at a regular retail rate), and in flexible quantities. For discounted passes, join the PRONTO Partners Plus program.

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