Travel Training Program

Travel training teaches individuals with disabilities, seniors, and others to use public transportation independently to access their community.  If you or someone you know is unsure how to catch the bus, find a stop, or pay a fare, one of MTS’ travel training programs may provide the missing link.

Benefits of travel training:

  • Save money— Taking transit rather than a car can save you as much as $844 per month.
  • Explore San Diego— Visit new places and meet new people.
  • Gain confidence— Taking transit gets easier each time you use it.
  • Get mobile— Add mobility to your life and find new ways to travel to new destinations.

MTS offers two travel training options depending on a person’s need and required learning support.

Option 1: Taking Transit 101 Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach seniors and first-time riders the travel skills needed to use public transit in San Diego. Volunteer trainers conduct workshops at facilities like senior living centers and community organizations, covering important aspects related to riding transit, such as:

  • Reading a bus/trolley schedule
  • Paying for transit fare
  • Operating a wheelchair ramp or lift.

To request a workshop for your group, or at your facility please contact Ariel Kroll at 619.557.4574 or

Download Taking Transit 101 Brochure

Do you have experience riding transit in San Diego?

Pass it on! Become a volunteer trainer for "Taking Transit 101" with MTS!

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**NOTE: This workshop is not designed for those who use MTS Access service, or for those who are becoming independent from MTS Access services. If you fall into one of these categories, please see Option 2.

Option 2: Access-Ability

This program offers tiered travel instruction to individuals with disabilities, seniors and others who need assistance to increase their mobility and travel on public transportation independently. Individuals and organizations can select from three program tiers depending on specific needs:

Tier 1 – Transit Orientation

Group or individual training to explain transportation systems. Topics include:

  • Use of maps and schedules
  • Use of mobility devices
  • Vehicle features & benefits
Tier 2 — Familiarization

Individuals or small groups use the system with a travel trainer on a new mode of transportation or route to point out/explain features of access and usability.

Tier 3 – One-on-One Travel Training

Individuals who require more support or training to use a to use a different mode of travel, a different route, mode of transit, or travel to a new destination may benefit from our third tier of Travel Training. Individuals will learn the skills and behaviors necessary for independent travel on public transportation.

Getting Access-Ability Travel Training

The following network of community partners offer Access-Ability travel instruction. Use the links below to schedule an appointment. 

Becoming an Access-Ability Trainer

MTS offers travel training certification courses to staff from area organizations that wish to participate in Access-Ability. If you or your organization would like to become a travel trainer, please submit the forms below. Accepted applicants will be invited to attend the 1-day certification course. MTS does not charge a fee for this training. 

Complete and submit the Instructor Profile Form

Sign and submit the Instructor Certification Agreement

For more information, please call (619) 238-0100.