Safety Tips

Here are some tips for staying safe while at the stop or station or when you’re onboard.

Be aware of your surroundings!

  • Watch out for people who take more than a passing interest in you or your belongings
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks or the street
  • Don’t let your headphones keep you from hearing horns, sirens or important announcements
  • Trains and Trolleys always have the right away on the tracks, so look both ways and wait for it to pass before crossing

Keep your valuables secure!

  • Hold onto any purses, backpacks or bags to avoid theft
  • Keep small and valuable items securely hidden when possible
  • Be aware cell phones and handheld electronics are popular theft items

Be polite!

  • Allow passengers to exit the bus or Trolley before you board
  • Reserve the designated seats at the front for senior or disabled passengers
  • Don’t put your feet on any seating surface
  • Keep yourself and your belongings in one seat