Your Transit Fare. Anytime. Anywhere. 

We're changing the way San Diego Moves with Compass Cloud, which allows you to purchase one and 30-day passes right from your smartphone and use them immediately. Use your credit, debit, prepaid debit card, or PayPal account to buy - the app saves your payment information so getting more passes on the go is a snap. Stock up on passes and activate as you need them or ride with friends and family with the Multiple Riders option.

Compass Cloud tickets accepted everywhere your Compass Card is - MTS Bus, Rapid and Trolley and NCTD BREEZE, SPRINTER and COASTER.

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How to use Compass Cloud

What types of fares can I purchase with Compass Cloud?

MTS/Regional Fares

Pass Type


Region Plus/Rapid Express







NCTD Fares

Pass Type



Region Plus / Rapid Express










Pass Type

1 Zone

2 Zone

3 Zone

One Way

$4 ($2*)

$5 ($2.50*)

$5.50 ($2.75*)

Round Trip

$8 ($4*)

$10 ($5 *)

$11 ($5.50*)





* = Senior/Disabled/Medicare

**** 30-day Youth and Senior/Disabled/Medicare Passes will be available Fall 2017 ****

Other fare types will be evaluated for inclusion in future releases.

Why are there no one-way passes except for the COASTER?

Mobile one-way fares for all modes are being evaluated for future releases of the app. Currently, MTS fare policy does not allow for transfers between bus routes or between bus and trolley, making the enforcement of one-way fares difficult.

Can I move fares between my Compass Card and my Compass Cloud account?

No. The Compass Cloud system is not connected to the Compass Card system. If you’d like to transition to Compass Cloud from a Compass Card, we recommend you use the rest of your 30-day or monthly pass on your Compass Card and purchase a 30-day pass on the app to activate when your Compass Card pass expires.

Can an account have multiple users (such as a spouse or child)/Can I share my account?

No. You can only have one phone associated with an account at a time. To purchase passes for another person you can either add your payment information to their account or use the Multiple Riders function if you are riding with the other person.

What if I lose my phone or get a new phone?

You should recall your tickets before resetting your phone, uninstalling the app or getting a new device. Log into your account on navigate to “My Account” and then to “My Tickets” and click the "Recall my Tickets" button. Follow the instructions to recall your tickets. NOTE: you cannot recall active single trip tickets.

When you sign into your new app, you will be taken to the My Tickets screen if you have tickets that are retrievable. Make sure you have connectivity and tap the "Retrieve My Tickets" button. You can also complete this process at any time from the "My Account" section of the app.

Can I add money on my account to use as I go?

No. However, you can purchase multiple day passes or 30-day passes at once and store them in the app for future use.

I bought the wrong pass type, can I get a refund?

No, MTS & NCTD mobile tickets are non-refundable.

Who can I call for help?

You may contact the Compass Service Center by calling 619.595.5636.