Citations and Confiscated Passes

Any rider using discounted fare or pass without showing proof eligibility as shown on the Discounted Fares page is subject to citation and the confiscation of the discounted fare media.

Riders have 72 hours from the time of citation to show proof of eligibility in order to have the pass returned and/or the citation voided, as indicated by California Penal Code Section 640(B):

*640(c)(3)(B) PC – In the event that an eligible discount ticket user is not in possession of acceptable proof at the time of request, any citation issued shall be held for a period of 72 hours to allow the user to produce acceptable proof. If the proof is provided, the citation shall be voided. If the proof is not produced within that time period, the citation shall be processed.

Passes are returned by appointment only, Monday–Friday between the hours of 8am and 1pm. 

To make an appointment call the Code Compliance office at 619.595.4939