Who qualifies for a reduced fare PRONTO Card?

Seniors (65+ or born on or before September 1, 1959), Medicare, SSI, SSD, DMV Placard recipients, or Veterans Administration Award Letter confirming a minimum 50% service connected disability (SHORT FORM) or Persons with Qualifying Disabilities (LONG FORM).

Youth who are 18 years of age or younger. NEW: The Youth Opportunity Pass pilot program offers free transit for Youth with a PRONTO app account or card, through July 2023. Learn more.

What happens after filling out the Short Form application?

Applicants can take their Short Form and proof of identification (as specified on the Short Form) to The Transit Store to purchase their new picture PRONTO Card for $7 and add fare whenever they want.

What happens after filling out the Long Form application?

Applicants must complete, sign, and date the Long Form and then take it to their treating medical professional within 60 days to complete, sign, and date. After that, it can be delivered or mailed to our Administrative Office for processing (no e-mails or faxes are accepted because original signatures are required on the Long Form).

What happens after submitting a Long Form application to MTS?

Our staff date and time stamp the Long Form on the day that it is received. Long Forms are kept in a confidential, locked drawer. SDM Program staff review the Long Form to make sure that it is complete and that the diagnoses fall within our eligibility criteria. If the application is incomplete, we will return it (within 15 business days) to the applicant with a letter explaining what is needed. If the application is complete, we will contact the treating medical professional by telephone to verify their certification of the qualifying disabilities. Applicant information is entered into a confidential database; this information remains confidential at all times.

Why does MTS need confidential disability information?

We must determine if a Long Form applicant qualifies for a reduced fare under strict guidelines outlined by federal transit laws. The disability must: (1) meet the definition of a disability under Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and (2) must also require that the applicant needs special facilities, planning, or design to utilize MTS facilities or services as effectively as individuals without a disability.

What if a Long Form application is determined to be eligible?

We will send a letter to the applicant within 15 business days notifying them that their application has been approved. (There is NEVER any information about the applicant’s disability included on the approval letter or email.) The applicant can take the approval letter to The Transit Store and purchase a new PRONTO Card with a picture ID for $7 and add fare to that card whenever they want.

What if a Long Form application is determined to be incomplete?

If Long Form applications are incomplete, we will return the application with a letter (within 15 business days) to the applicant indicating what information is needed so the applicant can complete the missing information and/or take it back to their treating medical professional to have them complete the missing information. Once that information is provided, the application can then be resubmitted for determination.

What if the Long Form is determined to be ineligible?

If Long Form applications are considered ineligible, we will return the application to the applicant with a letter stating why it was denied. Applicants can appeal the decision by sending a letter to us. MTS Management staff will review the appeal letter, make a final determination, and generally respond to the applicant within 30 business days.

Why does MTS require proof?

The reduced-fare program is a significant benefit. An eligible applicant can save $49 a month once approved. Certifying applicants safeguards the program for those who truly qualify.