Maximum Rates of Fare

Non-airport trips may not exceed: 

Flag Drop $2.80 for first 1/10 mile
Mileage Rate $3.00 per mile at the rate of $0.30 for each additional 1/10 mile
Waiting Time $24.00 per hour waiting time/traffic delay

Trips originating at the airport:

Flag Drop $2.80 for first 1/10 mile
Mileage Rate $3.00 per mile at the rate of $0.30 for each additional 1/10 mile
Waiting Time $24.00 per hour waiting time/traffic delay

Dispatch Services

You can call any radio dispatch service for taxi reservations. All taxicabs must be equipped with a two-way radio and permit holders must subscribe to a radio dispatch service company. You may also hail taxis on the street or at any taxi stand. We recommend you get a receipt at the end of your ride so you can trace any items you may have lost in the taxi. 

Airport Dispatch 619.946.8294
American Radio Service 619.234.1111
Chase Radio Service 619.955.8888
ICOA Radio Service 619.225.6230
Mr. Taxi Radio Service (Outlying areas only) 619.442.6068
Orange Radio Service 619.223.5555
Red Radio Service 619.661.0107
Red Top Radio Service 619.531.1111
San Diego Dispatch 619.226.8294
Santee Radio Service 619.448.5448
Santiago's Radio Service 619.690.5870
Silver Cab Inc. Radio Service 619.280.5555
Taxi Radio Service 619.231.0400
United Dispatch 619.280.4444
USA Radio Dispatch 619.231.1144
Yellow Radio Service 619.444.4444

Passenger Bill of Rights

As a passenger in a taxicab, shuttle, or other for-hire vehicle either at the San Diego International Airport or within the MTS areas of jurisdiction, you are entitled to:

  • A driver who is courteous, English-speaking, who uses the most direct route to your destination and obeys all traffic laws;
  • The use of the heater or air conditioner upon request, when available;
  • A clean passenger seating area and luggage compartment;
  • A smoke-free vehicle;
  • A radio-free (silent) trip;
  • A driver who will not use a cellular phone while driving;
  • View the driver’s identification card, company name, and vehicle number displayed in the driver compartment of the vehicle;
  • Pay only the rate of fare posted in the vehicle for your destination;
  • Pay with cash or a credit card;
  • Receive a receipt for your trip;
  • Receive assistance with luggage.

Please note: A driver is not obligated to transport any person who is verbally or otherwise abusive to the driver.

For questions or comments regarding service, or for lost items, please call:

619.400.2685 (airport-originated trips) or 619.235.2650 (MTS)