The Taxicab Advisory Committee:

  • Provides feed back on taxicab matters destined for Board action
  • Reviews Taxicab Administration annual budget
  • Provides recommendations to MTS Board to promote taxicab industry
  • Reviews vehicle inspection criteria, process, results, and rankings
  • Reviews the annual fee schedule
  • Approves taxicab rates of fare for the City of San Diego and the San Diego International Airport
  • Comments on MTS’s work program concerning taxicab matters

Meetings are held four times a year in the Board Room at the James R. Mills Building (1255 Imperial Ave. Ste 1000, San Diego, 92101) and are open to the public.

The Committee has 17 members.  One representative of the MTS Board of Directors, appointed annually by the Board, serves as Chair of the Taxicab Committee.  The San Diego Tourism Authority, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, San Diego Convention Center, and San Diego Travelers Aid Society, each appoint one representative, and two members are appointed from the hotel-motel industry.  The taxicab owners elect five owners to represent them, and currently there are five lease driver representatives.



Lorie Zapf, Chair
City of San Diego Councilmember and MTS Board Member                  

Antonio Hueso
USA Cab LTD., Owner - Category B

Marc Nichols
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority                  

Daryl Mayekawa
San Diego Convention Center                     

Anthony Palmeri
San Diego Travelers Aid Society

Ryan Chasteen
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Namara Mercer
San Diego County Hotel-Motel Association

Nasser Tehrani
N.A.T. Cab Co., Owner - Category A

Medhanie Weldegiorgis
“A” Transportation LLC, Owner - Category B

Brian Hilemon
San Diego Tourism Authority                      

Akbar Majid
SDYC Holdings, LLC, Owner - Category A

Edna Rains
San Diego County Sheriff's Licensing Division Nonvoting Member

George Abraham
Eritrean Cab Inc., Owner - Category B

Alfred Banks
Lease Driver Representative

David Tasem
Lease Driver Representative

Able Seifu
Lease Driver Representative

Margo Tanguay
Lease Driver Representative

Marco Mares
San Diego County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures Nonvoting Member