Our Taxicab Administration team licenses and regulates for-hire vehicles in the cities of El Cajon, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Poway, San Diego and Santee. Licenses are required for:


  • Vehicles are inspected by certified staff mechanics to ensure passengers a comfortable trip in a safe and clean vehicle.
  • Drivers should be clean, well-groomed, neat, and suitably dressed.
  • For more information about how to be a taxi driver, contact the Sheriff’s Department Licensing Division: 858.974.2020

Non-Emergency Medical Transports

  • "Nonemergency medical vehicle" shall mean every vehicle which: transports persons, regardless of whether specialized transportation equipment or assistance is needed, for primarily medical purposes, over the public streets of the City.  Medical purposes is defined as providing transportation services to or from the following places: hospitals, convalescent homes, retirement homes, homes receiving funding for the board and care of residents living in those homes, medical or rehabilitation clinics, senior citizen centers, and any other like social service category, over the public streets of the City.  It shall be the responsibility of the transportation provider to determine if the service is primarily for medical purposes.


  • Transport passengers and/or parcels over public streets, follow a fixed route of travel between specified points.  Passenger boarding is specific to locations along the jitney route.  Fares are based on a per-route, per-person fee.

Charter Vehicles

  • Transport passengers and/or parcels over public streets, with the direction of travel prearranged in writing and determined by the passenger.  Fares are based on a per-mile or per-hour basis.

Low Speed Vehicles (LSV)

  • Taxicab Administration implemented a new LSV service in 2004.  Up to 35 LSV permits may be issued for operation solely within the downtown Civic San Diego area.  LSVs may operate by zones and/or on a prearranged basis. These vehicles are permitted to wait at designated stands, accept street hails, and operate on a prearranged basis.  LSVs may use two methods of seeking compensation, either by blocks within a zone and/or by prearranged written contract on a per-mile or per-hour basis.

Sightseeing Vehicles

  • Transport passengers for sightseeing purposes of showing points of interest over public streets.  Fares are based on a per-person or per- event basis.

Airport Taxicab Service

  • Airport service varies from taxicabs and charter vehicles with each using a separate boarding area.  Access to the airport and passenger boarding procedures are determined by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA).  For more information, please call SDCRAA, Ground Transportation at 619.400.2685.