Courthouse Station Construction Project

***Courthouse Trolley Station Opened on Sunday, April 29, 2018**

Please visit the Trolley schedule webpage for details about schedule changes.

Project Purpose:

MTS is building a Trolley station in downtown San Diego that will be the new western terminus for the Orange Line (the UC San Diego Blue Line will not utilize this station). The Courthouse Station is needed to enhance Trolley operations at Santa Fe Depot and America Plaza in anticipation of the UC San Diego Blue Line’s Mid-Coast Trolley extension.

The new Courthouse Station is located on the south side of C Street, between State and Union streets. It will provide convenient Trolley access for 44,500 jobs within a half-mile walk, and is adjacent to the new 22-story $555 million State Superior Court Building that will have 1.2 million people passing through its doors each year.

Project Features:

The Courthouse Station will have many of the features MTS passengers experience at other stations, including:

  • Digital next-train arrival displays
  • Ticket vending machines
  • New shelters
  • New benches
  • ADA accessible sidewalks and ramps
  • Security cameras to monitor activity around station
  • On-site security personnel
  • Enhanced lighting features in and around the station

FAQ for Orange Line Service at the Courthouse Trolley Station:

Q: Why doesn’t the Orange Line stop at America Plaza anymore?                                                      

A: The new terminal at the Courthouse Station was necessary to accommodate future growth of the Trolley system.

Q: Why doesn’t the UC San Diego Blue Line stop at the Courthouse Station?

A: The Courthouse Station serves as a terminal for the Orange Line to reverse direction. Space limitations did not allow for multiple platforms to also serve the UC San Diego Blue Line.

Q: What are my transfer options from the Green Line at Santa Fe Depot?

A:  If your destination is Civic Center, Fifth Avenue or City College, there are several options:

  • Catch the UC San Diego Blue Line at America Plaza. It leaves every 7.5 mins at the peak and every 15 minutes in off-peak hours. The UC San Diego Blue Line also serves the Park & Market Station.
  • Take Rapid 215. It boards on Kettner Boulevard right in front of Santa Fe Depot and stops along Broadway, within one block of the Trolley stations. It leaves every 10 minutes in the peak and every 15 minutes most of the day.
  • Take Rapid 235. It boards at the same location as Rapid 215 and stops along Broadway, within one block of the Trolley stations. It leaves every 15 minutes most of the day.
  • If you want to take the Orange Line beyond downtown, stay on the Green Line to the 12th & Imperial Transit Center and transfer there.

Q: Will my Trolley ticket be accepted on Rapid services?

A: Day Passes, multi-day passes and monthly passes are good for both Trolley and Rapid (excluding Rapid 280 and 290). One-way Trolley tickets are not accepted on MTS buses.

Q: If I ride the Green Line or the UC San Diego Blue Line, what’s the best way to get to the Courthouse Station?

A: It’s a short distance from either Santa Fe Depot or from the Civic Center Station. Riders on the UC San Diego Blue Line can transfer to the Orange Line at 12th & Imperial, Park & Market, City College, Fifth Avenue or Civic Center stations.

Q: I thought I was going to America Plaza, but the Trolley stopped at the Courthouse Station. How do I get to Santa Fe Depot?

A: America Plaza is just two blocks to the west. If walking, biking or taking a scooter is not an option, you can ride the Orange Line back to Civic Center and transfer to a UC San Diego Blue Line destined for America Plaza.

Q: Can I buy a Trolley ticket at Courthouse Trolley Station?

A: Yes. The Courthouse Trolley Station will have the same amenities as other Trolley stations, including ticket vending machines, benches, shelters and security lighting. Additionally, MTS will have a security officer station at the Courthouse.

Q: What are the operating hours for the Courthouse Trolley Station?

A: The approximate operating hours are from 5 a.m. to midnight. Trains depart every 15 minutes most of the day, and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours. For a complete Orange Line schedule, click here.

Q: How will MTS keep the Courthouse Trolley Station secure?

A: Passenger safety is a top priority for MTS. The agency will have a dedicated security officer on site at all times during operating hours. Additionally, there will be live-feed cameras being monitored by MTS Security at all times.

MTS Security can be reached 24/7 by calling or texting 619-595-4960.


MTS was awarded a $31.9 million competitive grant from the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP). MTS’ application was one of only 14 projects in the state funded by the State of California’s 2015 and 2016 cap-and-trade budget. The grant funding is being used to purchase eight new light rail vehicles to increase capacity on the Trolley system and to build the Courthouse Station. The addition of Trolley cars will increase capacity on the UC San Diego Blue Line and Orange Line.