MTS Onboard Wi-Fi Pilot

MTS Brings Wi-Fi Onboard!

Free WiFi

The Metropolitan Transit System has installed Wi-Fi on 10 buses in its fleet. The public transportation Wi-Fi pilot program is the first of its kind in the San Diego region, and the goal is to increase digital equity and access for MTS passengers. During the pilot program, staff will monitor and evaluate the Wi-Fi’s performance by gathering customer feedback on connectivity, internet speed, and overall experience. This part of the pilot is crucial to the Wi-Fi onboard service.

To access the internet, riders will have to be on board of any of the buses equipped with Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi connection on their personal device. Wi-Fi users can browse the internet, stream music, and/or video on any device for free.

Buses with Wi-Fi installed and their routes will be listed on the MTS website. Routes with Wi-Fi will vary depending on the day.

Find buses that have Wi-Fi

Riders may also use the Bus Finder App to locate the buses with Wi-Fi in real-time.


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