Social Equity Listening Tour

Project Overview

What matters most to you in a transit system when it comes to safety and accessibility? What improvements are most important to you?

In the summer of 2022, MTS partnered with Pueblo Planning, a social justice oriented community engagement firm, to conduct a social equity listening tour to identify the needs and priorities within our service area. MTS committed $3 million from its Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding to projects/priorities identified in the outreach.

In spring 2023, the MTS Board of Directors approved a spending plan to address issued outlined in the Social Equity Listening Tour report. The funded projects include new shelters and lighting, better trashcans to help address cleanliness, beautification and more. See below for the planned projects, their status to-date, and the full report. 

Social Equity Listening Tour

Social Equity Listening Tour Report
Funded Projects