Clean Transit Advancement Campus

Clean Transit Advancement Campus


MTS operates bus services out of five “divisions” where buses are parked, fueled or charged, cleaned, and maintained while not in service. These divisions are located throughout the MTS service area to optimize proximity to routes and services. This minimizes unnecessary travel, cost, and fuel, and enhances our ability to respond to operational needs in a timely manner. Each division has space for 150-250 buses, and can be up to 12 acres with as many as 600 employees.

With approximately 800 buses in the MTS bus fleet, the current divisions are nearing maximum capacity. Plans for growing the transit system over the next 30 years will require room for more buses. In addition, the transition from natural gas to zero-emission electric buses over the next 16 years will require new charging infrastructure at our divisions that will reduce available space for buses.

This project will provide MTS a sixth bus division in the middle of its future operational service footprint. MTS identified a parcel in an area already zoned for light industrial use to minimize impacts to nearby properties. It will be designed from the ground-up to primarily park, charge, and service zero-emission buses. In addition to being a well maintained and LEED-certified facility, the project will provide up to 600 new, high-quality jobs for the local community.

Estimated Schedule

Schedule shown is the best estimate at the time of publication and is subject to change as the project progresses.

  • Community Engagement: Beginning Summer 2021 and throughout project
  • Site Selection & Environmental: 2021-2023
  • Design: 2025-2026
  • Construction: 2027-2028
  • Completion/Opening: 2028-2029

Project Status (updated May 15, 2024)

MTS and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) are working collaboratively on the development of the CTAC, which has received its federal and state environmental clearances. For the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the MTS Board of Directors approved and adopted a Final Mitigated Negative Declaration on October 20, 2022. In July 2023, the project was approved by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for a Categorical Exclusion for the purpose of compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The MTS Board of Directors approved a Federal Blvd. site as the final project site in October 2022. MTS is in the process of acquiring the site parcels and is anticipated to commence project design activities in the next year.

Environmental Documents

CEQA - CTAC Final Mitigated Negative Declaration Documents:

NEPA - CTAC Categorical Exclusion Documents

Additional Documents

Did You Know?

Location (updated October 21, 2022)

MTS evaluated seven existing industrial areas along the Interstate 805 corridor between North Park and Lincoln Park for proximity to future growth in service. Seven sites, located in the Ridgeview and Mount Hope communities, were identified as potential sites for evaluation. A site on Federal Blvd. in the Ridgeview community of San Diego was approved by the MTS Board of Directors on October 20, 2022. This site is identified as “Site 7” in project documents.


The project will be initially funded through MTS’ annual Capital Improvement Program, but MTS will actively seek grants and federal funding participation as the project progresses. Initial estimates of up to $200-$350 million will be updated as property acquisition is completed and design work gets underway.

Public Outreach Events

MTS has hosted and participated in many engagement events and presentations since 2021. Feedback from community members and interested parties helped to inform SANDAG and MTS on project decisions through the environmental process. Public engagement continues as an important part of the development of this project.

  • Presentation Materials

  • Community engagement efforts will continue throughout the project development. Watch this space for announcements of future opportunities to participate and provide feedback.

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Project Images

Sample building front (not actual project):

Project Images

Conceptual Layout. Final layout will be adjusted and refined through design process.

Conceptual Layout for CTAC

Overhead electric bus charging infrastructure in our South Bay division.

South Bay Overhead Charging Infrastructure

South Bay Overhead Charging Infrastructure